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Lightweight, Easy-to-Use Marketing Automation 

  • Drip isn't just an email platform. It was designed to be the simplest, easy-to-use platform for automating every single email message to your subscribers.

Visual Workflows to Build Entire Email Campaigns

  • You can easily build whole email sequences with Drip’s easy-to-follow visual workflows. (Think simple mindmaps that allow you to create entire marketing campaigns.) 

Tagging to Easily Separate Your Subscribers

  • You can apply tags to specific email groups like customers or non-customers, and then send 1-off email broadcasts or entire campaigns to different groups as you see fit. 

A Customer Timeline to See What Subscribers Do

  • Drip makes it very easy to see what your subscribers have done since they joined your email list. For example, did your subscriber download a new lead magnet from you? Purchase your product? This customer timeline can tell you.  

Triggers to Automate the Emails Your Readers Want to See

  • Drip allows you to easily send automated emails when customers take 16 different actions (such as moving in and out of campaigns, apply tags, record conversions, send subscribers to applications, and more).

Rules to Trigger Events Based on Pageviews

  • Drip can track which pages of your site contacts have visited. Want to send an email to subscribers who visit your pricing page? With a simple rule, you can do this automatically.

Lots of Integrations

  • Drip integrates with dozens of applications and platforms: landing page providers (including Leadpages), payment gateways, shopping carts, CRM platforms, and more.

Top Analytics and Reporting 

  • Drip automatically tracks all subscriber activity on your site (or even your app), along with key performance metrics for opt-in forms and campaigns. (Plus, top reporting to track those analytics.)

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